Leveraging the Power of Social Media and AI for Deeper Market and Competitive Insights: A Healthcare Case Study

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, organizations have learned that competitive intelligence (CI) is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

While traditional CI methods are valuable, AI-driven social listening offers a novel approach to developing deep insights into market trends, customer sentiment, and competitor activity.

Come explore with us a real-world case study of a global healthcare company that has successfully implemented an AI-powered social listening program to revolutionize its Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) efforts.

While this case study focuses on the healthcare industry, the underlying principles and methodologies can apply across various sectors.

Webinar Speakers

Steve Schulz is President of Line of Sight Group, a business research firm that helps business leaders make more informed strategic decisions through market and competitive intelligence. Steve is a CI professional who started his career as a CI practitioner, building and managing CI programs in three different corporations including Optum/UnitedHealth before founding Line of Sight Group. At Line of Sight Group, he leads a team of awesome CI sleuths who serve clients across several industries.

Christian Bjerser/ CEO, Comintelli Inc.