: Strategy
Blog November 27, 2017

Towards Augmented Intelligence

The global economic and social systems have vastly changed in the last 10 years, and continue to digitally grow at […]

Blog November 20, 2017

Will Machines Replace Humans?

Will machines replace humans in the future? Well, who can tell, but we don’t believe this is somethings that would […]

Blog November 13, 2017

Machine Learning Risks

It is important to understand that Machine Learning should not be considered as a “cure all” within your intelligence systems, […]

Machine Learning Risks
Blog November 7, 2017

Use Cases of Machine Learning

We are already surrounded by Machine Learning (ML). Whenever you use a computer device, chances are high that ML is […]

Blog November 2, 2017

Applying Machine Learning to Intelligence Problems

All Machine Learning (ML) algorithms require large amounts of training data (“experiences”) in order to learn. Through experiences and feedback […]

Using Machine Learning to Solve Intelligence Problems
Blog October 23, 2017

So, What is an Algorithm?

”The twenty-first century will be dominated by algorithms. “Algorithm” is arguably the single most important concept in our world. If we want […]

Blog October 16, 2017

Introducing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We all know and feel that the volume of available information has grown exponentially in recent years and will continue […]

Machine Learning as a subset of AI
Blog October 9, 2017

Disrupting the Intelligence World

The onslaught of never-ending data, the proliferation of incubation test beds, the rise of internet business disruption challenges overnight – […]