: Information Management
News October 9, 2015

Talking information with the professionals

This week we hosted a very popular networking meeting with the Association for Sweden´s Information Professionals (www.sfis.nu). The theme of […]

News December 8, 2014

The 2nd question to ask in your CI information strategy is…

Who are the target readers? Following up on my previous entry about information strategy, here is second key question […]

News August 24, 2012

Information disorder after your summer vacation?

Your batteries are loaded, you are full of energy and plans, ready to turn the key and start the work engine and work mind… First shock […]

News February 14, 2012

Benefits of automatic content classification

Taxonomies are used to classify content in an organized way to make it easy to navigate and find for other […]

News December 2, 2011

Which persona are you in the workflow?

By watching and analyzing how people work, the project design team at Dow Jones discovered that there are several different […]

News June 10, 2011

So much to do, not enough time…

A study has shown that the key to great success is to “work harder in shorter bursts of time”. Then […]

News May 19, 2011

Apache Solr was the answer for Motley Fool

This article from CIO Magazine describes why Motley Fool, a provider of investing information, chose Apache Solr to make their […]

News May 16, 2011

Rising need for better information access tools

A recent McKinsey report found that data can play an important part for the world economy, strengthening the productivity and […]