: Information access
Blog August 5, 2013

How too much information is hazardous

Information overload cost the US economy almost 1 trillion dollars in 2010, and each year, over 28 billion hours are […]

Blog June 1, 2012

How Taxonomies can help you to access the information you want

Since the amount of information available to CI professionals is growing exponentially, users are being exposed to larger […]

News July 12, 2011

Intelligent Enterprise Survey Sneakpeak

IBM Institute for Business Value and MIT Sloan Management Review have for the second year in a row conducted a […]

Blog June 10, 2011

So much to do, not enough time…

A study has shown that the key to great success is to “work harder in shorter bursts of time”. Then […]

Blog May 26, 2011

Analytics in the Enterprise

MIT Sloan Management Review (http://sloanreview.mit.edu/) are currently conducting a survey to find out how companies are handling their information and […]

Blog May 19, 2011

Apache Solr was the answer for Motley Fool

This article from CIO Magazine describes why Motley Fool, a provider of investing information, chose Apache Solr to make their […]

News May 16, 2011

Rising need for better information access tools

A recent McKinsey report found that data can play an important part for the world economy, strengthening the productivity and […]

Event May 11, 2011

Enterprise Search Summit 2011

The Enterprise Search Summit is currently under way in New York. It is quite interesting to read people’s tweets from […]