: Aurora WDC
Events April 30, 2015

Creating Competitive Intelligence Taxonomies to Visualize Your Business Environment

Yesterday SLA (Special Libraries Association) hosted a webinar featuring Comintelli´s CEO […]

Events November 19, 2014

How Best Practices Enable Rapid Implementations of Intelligence Portals

A couple of weeks ago, Aurora WDC and Comintelli were presenting at the webinar […]

News May 13, 2014

Intelligence Collaborative Recordings Now Online!

The Intelligence Collaborative (Intel Collab) has made the recordings of all their past webinars available online, here! The Intel Collab […]

News June 12, 2013

Why the Misconception that Computer Information is Competitive Intelligence Will Earn You Last Place

This is the title of the essay by Nita Heeg, the winner of this year’s Jim Mathews Award […]

Events May 22, 2013

SCIP Orlando 2013

Fresh back from the yearly SCIP event in Orlando, we look back at all the new relationships we’ve built and the […]

News December 8, 2011

Ovecoming Common Intelligence Mistakes

Aurora WDC CEO, Derek Johnson, leads a discussion about how to overcome the most common mistakes made by strategic, market […]

News September 2, 2011

Breakthrough Analytical Fitness Diagnostic Survey

An ongoing global survey by Dr. Craig Fleischer, Chief Learning Officer of Intelligence firm Aurora WDC, is measuring Analytical Fitness […]

News July 8, 2011

Applying Scenarios, Wargames and Advanced Intelligence Analytics

New video on applying scenarios, wargames, and advanced intelligence analytics, with Eric Garland, Craig Fleisher and Arik Johnson (founder and […]