Comintelli offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in order to help optimize the success of an investment in Intelligence2day®

Customer maintenance and support services are designed to ensure that your Intelligence2day® system operates in a reliable manner and runs with optimal performance.

maintenance of intelligence2day

The aim is to enrich the value of your investment in Intelligence2day®. Maintenance & Support includes the services as Technical Support, Upgrades and a User Community described in more detail below.


Maintenance & Support

Technical Support

The customer’s system administrator has access to the Support Center by e-mail for support requests related to Intelligence2day®. The Support Center also provides technical consultations and advice on the use of Intelligence2day®.


In order to keep your system current and up-to-date, new editions of Intelligence2day® are continuously provided. Comintelli will inform about and install the upgrades.

Customer webinars

Intelligence2day® customers are invited to online webinars on a regular basis. At these webinars, Comintelli informs about the future road map, new versions, best practices, etc.