Comintelli offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in order to help optimize the success of an investment in Intelligence2day®


Consulting Services

Comintelli’s Consulting Services offers information-centric expertise to help transform your investments in Comintelli applications into real business value.

Consulting ServicesOur experienced and certified Comintelli consultants can help you plan, create, and manage your information infrastructure so that it is well-aligned with the way you work.

Comintelli consultants apply proven methodologies and a disciplined approach to address the business, technical, and operational challenges of implementing Competitive Intelligence.


We offer the following professional consulting services:

IOD – Intelligence Operations Development
Implementation and development consulting in order to enable an advanced or world-class intelligence program. An assessment of an organizations intelligence operations. The purpose is to provide best practice recommendations on how to develop the organizations intelligence program further. Read more.

Coci – Comintelli Club Intelligence
Coci is a competence development network for Market and Competitive Intelligence professionals. It is a unique arena for learning from and exchanging ideas and experiences with other Intelligence professionals using Intelligence2day®. Read more.

Integrating Intelligence2day® and SharePoint
How can you get the most out of your SharePoint platform in combination with Intelligence2day®? Our experts focus on building powerful tools for Market and Competitive Intelligence that leverages the strengths of each platform. There are several methods of integrating with Microsoft SharePoint (as described in a separate White Paper)

Assessing User Behavior
What are the different user personas? How are different types of users using Intelligence2day®? What is the desired behavior of users and how do you get to that desired level?

Sharing & Applying Knowledge for Enterprise Success
How do you capture knowledge from previous experiences, leverage best practices, lessons learnt, locate the right expertise and skills so you can serve your customers better?

Building a Collaborative and Social Organization
How do we increase collaborative effectiveness? How can we get users to share and publish information? Who are the main collaborators today? How can we fully utilize our firm’s intellectual capital?

Establishing an Expertise Network
What does your flow of knowledge look like today? Who are your organization’s key experts? How do you define and find an expert? How do you rank their level of expertise?  How do you get the real experts to commit to sharing?