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White Papers

Integrating Intelligence2day® with other applications

This white paper describes how you can integrate Intelligence2day® with other applications. Using widgets, social media, feeds, Single Sign On, connectors, API and much more…

White Papers

How do you feed relevant external content into your intelligence system?

Finding, validating & optimizing use of external content in Intelligence2day®

This White Paper focuses entirely on external sources of data and provides tips on how to find and validate sources to get the most value from your intelligence system.

White Papers

Intelligence2day® GDPR Compliance (237 KB)

This White Paper describes how Intelligence2day® complies to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

White Papers

Single Sign On in Intelligence2day® (530 KB)

Enabling transparent, simple and secure user authentication

White Papers

Connecting SharePoint to Intelligence2day

Intelligence-enabling Microsoft SharePoint®

White Papers

Security in Intelligence2day® (319 kB)

Protecting Your Data is top Priority for Comintelli

White Papers

Dimensioning Intelligence2day® for Optimal Performance (290 kB)

Configuring server hardware and software

White Papers

Managed Cloud (824 kB)

Highly secure and flexible hosting of your information.