Integrating Intelligence2day® with other applications

This white paper describes how you can integrate Intelligence2day® with other applications. Using widgets, social media, feeds, Single Sign On, connectors, API and much more…

How do you feed relevant external content into your intelligence system?

Finding, validating & optimizing use of external content in Intelligence2day® This White Paper focuses entirely on external sources of data and provides tips on how to […]

Single Sign On in Intelligence2day® (530 KB)

Enabling transparent, simple and secure user authentication

Security in Intelligence2day® (319 kB)

Protecting Your Data is top Priority for Comintelli

Bringing structure to unstructured information (609kB)

The What, Why and How of Business Taxonomies

Designing Dashboards in Intelligence2day® Enterprise (2 MB)

Presenting Information in a User-Friendly Way

Controlling Access To Information (546 kB)

Setting up Roles, Access Groups and Dashboards in Intelligence2day®.

Technical Architecture (722 kB)

The Technical Architecture  of Intelligence2day®

Improving Findability (619 kB)

Improve Findability by using Solr search in Intelligence2day® Enterprise