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Recorded Webinars

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence Portals

Recorded webinar hosted by SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).
The number of companies that are successfully deploying various kinds of Competitive Intelligence (CI) portal solutions are constantly growing. The phrases CI portals, Intelligence systems, CI tools, MI portals are heard everywhere, but what do they really mean? And why should you really care?

Dutation: 47:17

Recorded Webinars

Effective Media Monitoring for CI Purposes

aka Why Cant I Just Use Google.
In this webinar we discuss when and when not to use Google for our media monitoring needs. We also look at alternative tools and techniques that will make your monitoring more effective and relevant.

Recorded Webinars

Social CI: A work method and a tool for competitive intelligence networking

In this webinar a new notion called social CI is introduced, meaning competitive intelligence (CI) for the networking organization. A conceptual framework for social CI is presented that is based on a socio-technical perspective combining both social and technical aspects. The presented framework is related to notions such as Enterprise 2.0 and wikinomics. A research design prototype of a tool for collaborative CI, CoCI, is also demonstrated. CoCI is a tool that has been developed using the Social CI framework that demonstrates how CI methods and CI tools can be developed together using a socio-technical approach.

Duration:  37:33

Recorded Webinars

Challenges with Competitive Intelligence in Swedish Organizations

This CIBAS webinar presents today’s main challenges within competitive intelligence (CI) work according to Swedish organizations. The results are based on a survey with respondents from around 150 Swedish companies and other types of organizations carried out during the fall of 2014. Four types of challenges were investigated: CI programs, CI communities, CI content and CI tools. The analysis is also supplemented with a collection of so-called impact factors.

Recorded Webinars

How Intelligence2day® Professional Supports The Intelligence Cycle

This webinar will give a live demonstration of how Intelligence2day® Professional supports the Intelligence cycle, followed by an open Q&A session at the end.

Duration 37:08

Recorded Webinars

Competitive Intelligence in The Digital Age – Case Studies from Different Organizations

This CIBAS webinar presents the competitive intelligence (CI) experiences from four organizations from different industries.

Duration: 38:45

Recorded Webinars

Creating Competitive Intelligence Taxonomies to Visualize Your Business Environment – Link to Youtube

SLA (Special Libraries Association) hosted a webinar featuring Comintelli´s CEO Jesper Martell. Jesper spoke on the topic of  “Taxonomies for Competitive Intelligence” in a much appreciated 45-minute session.