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Recorded Webinars

8 ways to write a report that makes an impact

In this webinar, Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor at Comintelli will discuss 8 ways to write a report that makes an impact!

Duration: 37:58

Recorded Webinars telia essity dsm webinar

How Telia, Essity and DSM are using technology to improve their day-to-day intelligence work

In this webinar, Christian Bjersér, SVP Business Development at Comintelli, will present three customer cases, from three different industries; Telia (Telecom), Essity (Hygiene & Health) and DSM (Chemicals).

Duration: 50:39

Recorded Webinars

Exploring Logic to Create a Great User Experience

In this popular webinar presented by Ubald Kragten, the Business & Market Intelligence Manager at DSM Innovation Center, he will talk about his own experiences of implementing an intelligence platform within in a multinational company with multiple lines of businesses!
Duration: 42:08

Recorded Webinars

Best Practice Intelligence Portals for Telecommunication & High Tech Companies

This webinar will describe why and how intelligence portals can provide a single place for all relevant market and industry news, reports and research. Focusing on topics and sources for the telecom & high tech industry, the webinar will show live examples of how you can turn unstructured information from multiple sources into actionable insights.
Presented by Jesper Martell, former Manager, Ericsson Business Information Center, and Gabriel Anderbjörk, former Director, Corporate Competitive Intelligence at Ericsson.


Duration: 48:54

Recorded Webinars

How to Select the Right CI Software Tool for You – An Experts Perspective

There are many different types of software for Competitive Intelligence in the market and evaluating them all can be time consuming and difficult.

How do you select a CI Software that is right for your organization?

Presenters: Christian Bjersér,  Senior Vice President at Comintelli and Jeff Mansfield Senior Vice President at Proactive.

Duration: 58:12

Recorded Webinars

Introducing the next generation of Intelligence2day®

The next generation of Intelligence2day® featuring smart technology that filters out the information noise. Recording from the webinar Introducing the next generation of Intelligence2day® on March 22, 2017.

Duration: 38:18

Recorded Webinars

Introducing Intelligence2day® Professional

In this recorded webinar will give you a quick overview of the SaaS version of Intelligence2day®, one of the most powerful, yet simple Competitive Intelligence platforms available. This is the tool that makes sure you don’t miss out on business critical information! With a Q&A session at the end.

Duration: 29:55

Recorded Webinars

“Boost productivity by Automating Collection of Information”

Recorded webinar: “How Intelligence Portals Boost Productivity by Automating Collection of information”
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