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Recorded Webinars

How to make information Intelligeble

In this webinar you will find out how analysts, insights managers and intelligence professionals can become more efficient and leverage better on Big Data. The webinar is presented by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor, Comintelli and Emil Karlsson, Senior Onboarding Consultant, Comintelli.

Duration: 25:57

Recorded Webinars

How to get more out of Intelligence2day® – Applying the Comintelli FIRE™ process

In this webinar Ingemar Svensson and Emil Karlsson talk about how you can get more out of Intelligence2day® – Applying the Comintelli FIRE™ process. The traditional Intelligence Cycle is no longer valid. The companies of today work in decentralized organizations with distributed decision-making. Everybody is a user and producer of intelligence. Hence, Comintelli has updated the cycle and launched the FIRE process® to enable a collaborative intelligence framework within an organization while making each member of it more efficient and productive.

Duration 33:31.

Recorded Webinars

Integrating Intelligence2day® with other applications

In this webinar, Anders Thulin and David Eurenius are talking about how you can integrate Intelligence2day with other applications.

Duration: 24:17

Recorded Webinars

How to work more effectively as an analyst – introducing the FIRE process

In this webinar, Ingemar Svensson is talking about how you can maximize the benefit and get more out of Intelligence2day in your work. He also introduces the Comintelli FIRE process which is based on a market & competitive intelligence professional’s everyday work and describes how to align work responsibilities and activities the with the functionality of Intelligence2day.

Duration: 28:19

Recorded Webinars

Building a CI Function Strategic Roadmap and Using Technology to Help Enable Execution

In this webinar David Kalinowski and Christian Bjersér will introduce a framework to build an effective and valued Competitive Intelligence (CI) Strategy. Many CI functions operate without a clear sense of purpose on its primary role and how to provide the most impact. We will share insights gleaned from nearly three decades of working with global organizations across multiple industries in building their intelligence capability.

Duration: 57:00

Recorded Webinars

How do you get relevant external content into your intelligence platform?

The better quality content you have, the more value your competitive and market intelligence system will have. However, this requires a good understanding of how to put together the right mix of sources for intelligence. Our presenter, Robin, will provide tips on how to find and validate sources to get the most out of your intelligence system.

Presented by: Robin Neidorf, Director of Research, Jinfo

Duration: 36:24

Recorded Webinars

8 ways to write a report that makes an impact

In this webinar, Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor at Comintelli will discuss 8 ways to write a report that makes an impact!

Duration: 37:58

Recorded Webinars telia essity dsm webinar

How Telia, Essity and DSM are using technology to improve their day-to-day intelligence work

In this webinar, Christian Bjersér, SVP Business Development at Comintelli, will present three customer cases, from three different industries; Telia (Telecom), Essity (Hygiene & Health) and DSM (Chemicals).

Duration: 50:39