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Integrating Intelligence2day® with other applications

These are the slides from our webinar Integrating Intelligence2day with other applications.


Building a CI Function Strategic Roadmap and Using Technology to Help Enable Execution

This presentation is from a webinar where David Kalinowski and Christian Bjersér will introduce a framework to build an effective and valued Competitive Intelligence (CI) Strategy.


Best Practice Intelligence Portals for Telecommunication & High Tech Companies

This presentation is from a webinar that describes why and how intelligence portals can provide a single place for all relevant market and industry news, reports and research. Focusing on topics and sources for the telecom & high tech industry, the portal can turn unstructured information from multiple sources into actionable insights.


“It’s not just about Tools and Technology”

“It’s not just about tools and technology” – World Class Intelligence Road Map

Using the World Class Intelligence Framework to create a Road Map for Intelligence Development. Presentation from the webinar called “It’s not just about tools and technology” by Hans Hedin, Senior Consultant at Comintelli.


Introduction to Competitive Intelligence Portals

Slides from SCIP Webinar: The number of companies that are successfully deploying various kinds of Competitive Intelligence (CI) portal solutions are constantly growing. The phrases CI portals, Intelligence systems, CI tools, MI portals are heard everywhere, but what do they really mean? And why should you really care?

By: Jesper Martell and Gabriel Anderbjörk