Building a CI Function Strategic Roadmap and Using Technology to Help Enable Execution

In this webinar David Kalinowski and Christian Bjersér will introduce a framework to build an effective and valued Competitive Intelligence (CI) Strategy. Many CI functions operate without a clear sense of purpose on its primary role and how to provide the most impact. We will share insights gleaned from nearly three decades of working with […]

Integrating Intelligence2day® with other applications

This white paper describes how you can integrate Intelligence2day® with other applications. Using widgets, social media, feeds, Single Sign On, connectors, API and much more… Download

Case Study – Manufacturing Company

A case study about an international technology manufacturer with approximately 15,000 employees and multiple information centers serving parts of the company related to the different sectors in which they have product portfolios. Click here to view the case study.

Case Study – Technology Company

This case study is about a global technology company with almost 100,000 employees and how they went from using an in-house solution to using Intelligence2day®. Click here to view the case study.

How do you feed relevant external content into your intelligence system?

Finding, validating & optimizing use of external content in Intelligence2day® This White Paper focuses entirely on external sources of data and provides tips on how to find and validate sources to get the most value from your intelligence system. Download

Case Study – Solar Panel Company

An exemplary solar panel brand of considerable industry standing, operating on a global scale, employs a compact yet far-reaching competitive intelligence team. They harness the capabilities of Intelligence2day® to track essential news updates and promptly notify key decision-makers within the rapidly evolving solar power sector. The company is headquartered in Norway and boasts a workforce […]

Case Study – Global Science Based Company

A prominent worldwide science-centered company operating in the fields of healthcare, nutrition, and materials, effectively combines expertise in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences. This integration serves to advance economic well-being, ecological advancements, and societal improvements, ultimately fostering sustainable benefits for all involved parties concurrently. Discover the comprehensive overview of how Comintelli provided assistance in this […]

Single Sign On in Intelligence2day® (530 KB)

Enabling transparent, simple and secure user authentication Download

Security in Intelligence2day® (319 kB)

Protecting Your Data is top Priority for Comintelli Download

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence Portals

Slides from SCIP Webinar: The number of companies that are successfully deploying various kinds of Competitive Intelligence (CI) portal solutions are constantly growing. The phrases CI portals, Intelligence systems, CI tools, MI portals are heard everywhere, but what do they really mean? And why should you really care? By: Jesper Martell and Gabriel Anderbjörk   […]

Designing Dashboards in Intelligence2day® Enterprise (2 MB)

Presenting Information in a User-Friendly Way Download

Technical Architecture (722 kB)

The Technical Architecture  of Intelligence2day® Download

Introducing Intelligence2day® – Create Value With Your Information!

Info video about Intelligence2day®. Link to YouTube! Duration 0:36

How Ericsson Turned its Workforce into Intelligence Gatherers (467KB)

A case study that shows how CI helped the world’s leading telecommunications supplier with the largest customer base, become that way.   Click here to download the case study.

Introducing Comintelli – Award-winning Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge Management Software

Info video about Comintelli and The Award-winning Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge Management Software Intelligence2day. Watch it on Youtube! Duration: 1:56 min