Webinar – Foreseeing Industry Disruption – Assessing & Tracking 3D Printing Disruption of the Medical Device Industry

In this webinar, we will cover: How to get support for strategic decision-market in such a dynamic industry. How market intelligence tools can help you make […]

Navigating Intelligence: The Comintelli Glossary

Navigating Intelligence: The Comintelli Glossary   For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most commonly used terms in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management […]

Webinar – The Next Step in Event Monitoring

Webinar about The next step in event monitoring – How to radically improve your field gathering capabilities. In this webinar, we will share: A new framework […]

Case Study – GEA

In this case study you will learn how GEA established a new, modern market intelligence system that allows them to involve all employees on a global […]

Building a CI Function Strategic Roadmap and Using Technology to Help Enable Execution

In this webinar David Kalinowski and Christian Bjersér will introduce a framework to build an effective and valued Competitive Intelligence (CI) Strategy. Many CI functions operate […]

Case Study – Manufacturing Company

A case study about an international technology manufacturer with approximately 15,000 employees and multiple information centers serving parts of the company related to the different sectors […]

Case Study – Technology Company

This case study is about a global technology company with almost 100,000 employees and how they went from using an in-house solution to using Intelligence2day®. Click […]

How do you feed relevant external content into your intelligence system?

Finding, validating & optimizing use of external content in Intelligence2day® This White Paper focuses entirely on external sources of data and provides tips on how to […]

Case Study – Solar Panel Company

An exemplary solar panel brand of considerable industry standing, operating on a global scale, employs a compact yet far-reaching competitive intelligence team. They harness the capabilities […]