Webinar: Achieving World-Class CI Using Software Platforms: A Guide Using the Unified CI Maturity Model

Discover how integrating CI platforms elevates the maturity and effectiveness of your CI practices. This session is a must-attend for those looking to harness the transformative power of CI platforms in achieving organizational excellence. Download here

Webinar: The Competitive Intelligence Manifesto & the Future of CI (CAI): CI Platforms’ Role?

In this webinar, Luis Madureira will unveil the findings from his thesis, now embodied in the Competitive Intelligence Manifesto. Gain exclusive insights into the profound implications this manifesto holds for the future of CI and the role CI Platforms play in the overall scheme of our zeitgeist.   Download now


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Towards Augmented Intelligence – The Role of AI in M&CI and in Intelligence2day®

This webinar discusses how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in Market & Competitive Intelligence and more specifically how AI technology is used in Comintelli’s own Intelligence2day® platform. We will discuss how AI techniques are used in Intelligence2day® and how they may enhance the platform’s capabilities in the future. Watch the webinar recording now Duration: 00:50:00

Reflections on “The New Market Landscape for Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms”

In a recent report, Forrester states that “The market for market and competitive intelligence platforms is poised to take off.” We agree that the market landscape for M&CI software is changing rapidly with new technologies and players. This make it more difficult for M&CI professionals in B2B organizations to select the right one for their […]

Webinar -Identify & Act on Emerging Innovation

Download our webinar where we address the difficulties of managing innovation and responding to market disruption, which often result from outdated practices. Watch the webinar recording now Duration: 00:50:00

Webinar -Social intelligence (SI) vs. Competitive intelligence (CI)

What are they and why should you care in a B2B context? Customers have more power than ever before. Social Media operates like a megaphone that Social Customers use to share their opinions, ratings, reviews, and opinions which thus conditions the choice of fellow customers. In this new world, the Social Customer can destroy a […]

Webinar -Staying Ahead of the Retail Game

In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive retail sector, staying ahead of the game is crucial. As an innovation manager or MCI professional, you must navigate changing consumer preferences, emerging technologies, and market dynamics. But extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of data can be daunting. Download our webinar and discover how an intelligence platform can […]

Webinar – Energy Sector M&CI Made Easy

Energy Sector M&CI Made Easy: Automate Your Process with an AI-Powered Intelligence Platform KEY TAKEAWAYS Trends and challenges of M&CI in the energy sector What “best in class” companies do to maximize the value of their MC&I function Real-world examples of how an AI-driven intelligence platform can automate MCI processes and help monitor and discover […]

Webinar – Unlocking the Secrets of Strategic Intelligence

Discover the critical role of Strategic Intelligence in guiding and supporting your organization’s overall strategic direction, as well as specific initiatives such as M&A, product development, and geographic expansion. In this webinar, we discuss the three pillars of strategic intelligence, which are essential for any organization looking to achieve long-term success. Watch the webinar recording […]

Webinar – Will the CI-Function be Completely Replaced by AI in the Future?

This webinar provides a platform for discussion on the value of the CI function going forward, the challenges and opportunities it faces, and how the CI function can best add value to growth and profitability. Our expert panelists share their insights and experiences, providing practical examples of how AI can support the CI function, as […]

Webinar – Elevating Decision-Making in Healthcare:

M&CI professionals need to navigate pricing strategies, research breakthroughs, and regulatory changes, to mitigate risks and seize growth opportunities. However, extracting meaningful insights from the vast amount of available data can be daunting. Download our webinar to discover practical examples of how an intelligence platform can be used to track industry developments, enhance decision-making, and […]

Webinar – How to Secure your M&CI Efforts Despite Limited Resources?

In this webinar, we provide insights into strategies to grow your M&CI platform in a structured way, ensuring that available resources are optimized and the organization’s uptake of M&CI value is maximized. You will learn how to: Balance your MCI development efforts in a structured way in order to make the most of available resources […]

Functionality Description

Description of the features and functions of Intelligence2day®, a cloud-based software platform developed and provided by Comintelli.   Download

Webinar – Why can’t we use Google News for CI?

In this webinar Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli, and Toby Cook, Head of Risk at Opoint discusses how accurate news from a wide range of sources is a key to successful market intelligence. Join the experts for an informal chat about these critical topics and learn how you can solve some of these challenges. Watch […]

Webinar – A Day in the Life of a CI Analyst

In this webinar you will learn: the value of scenario planning how to Improve data collection efficiency if it is possible to streamline insights production how to improve insights dissemination how to shift from a traditional way of delivering your market intelligence to a more collaborative and integrated approach Watch the webinar recording now Duration: […]

Webinar – The 6 key things that successful M&CI platforms have in common

Companies that use Market & Competitive Intelligence platforms meet many challenges today. Find out how some accomplished companies have smoothly managed to create innovative CI solutions that provide real value within their organizations. Watch the webinar recording now Duration: 00:54:00

Webinar – Sustainability Intelligence is a crucial corporate capability that can be supported by our Market and Competitive Intelligence platform, Intelligence2day®

In this webinar, Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon & Thomas Wulf, the Secretary-General of EUSIPA share ways in which to rapidly improve corporate Sustainability Intelligence capabilities with supporting strategies and tactics. Watch the webinar recording now Duration: 00:58:00

Webinar – Designing robust market and competitive intelligence platforms

In this webinar, Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon & Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli presents their new book Gardens of Intelligence. Together, they dig into the challenges and opportunities of how to succeed with technology platforms for market and competitive intelligence. The authors draw on their extensive experience from both Ericsson and Comintelli to present […]

Webinar – From Hidden Assets to a Sharing Platform: Our Journey to a Global Insights Portal

Learn how Intelligence2day® helped a global telecommunication company consolidate an aging global repository, multiple local ones, and a set of underused data dashboards into a Global Insights Portal with more than 12,000 registered users.Presented by: Elizabeth Roberts, Global Head of Information Management at Ericsson. Click here to access the full recording and the presentation slides now! Duration: […]

Webinar – Keys to CI Software Start-Up

This is part three of the webinar series “Technology and CI: Myths, Mistakes & Lessons Learned” In this recorded webinar you´ll be walked through the three different sections  1: How to select the right tool for your organization´s needs 2:  What a successful installation looks like 3: How to grow user adoption across the organization […]