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Find out how REC Group implemented a new intelligence system for global use


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This is how a small global CI team used Intelligence2day® to monitor critical news and alert decision makers in the fast changing solar power industry.

Rec-Group is an industry leading solar panel brand with global reach and headquarters in Norway. The company is committed to pioneering solar energy solutions to empower consumers with clean, affordable solar energy to facilitate global energy transitions.

The Challenge

REC-Group’s Market Intelligence team previously used a variety of third party sources to gather market intelligence including tools such as Google alerts. This resulted in an overflow of often irrelevant information, clogging up 90% of the team’s inboxes. Going through this mountain of information to identify relevant information cost the team a lot of valuable time.

REC-Group wanted to gather all their sources in one place and easily find what they were looking for with the help of automatic and smart filtering of the information. The company also desired to share filtered and refined results with specific groups and business units throughout the company, ensuring only relevant information is being shared with the stakeholders.

They needed a platform that would help them save time finding and analyzing the regulatory information, market shifts and competitors’ activities, cut down on the time spent on collecting external information and to gather it all in one place. In doing so, they wished to streamline and automate the process of sharing relevant information with stakeholders throughout the organization.

The Solution

With Intelligence2day®, all relevant information is now automatically collected, tagged and indexed, resulting in structured and filtered information that can be found easily. There is no need for manual tagging as the system sorts and classifies all of the information automatically.

Today, Intelligence2day® offers REC-Group the capability of analyzing all the information to be able to get valuable insights on regulatory changes, competitor activities and market movements. The powerful analysis process is powered by using customizable charts, smart dashboard filters and machine learning to understand new trends in the marketplace.

With Intelligence2day®, REC-Group is able to automate the process of collecting both internal documents and external information. Automating this process of searching and gathering information is increasing daily productivity and is resulting in major time savings. To streamline the process Rec-Group creates lists consisting of articles that would go into the reports at the end of each reporting period. This saves the company hours of work every week as the information now is structured in an easily accessible way.

REC-Group’s intelligence professionals are now able to analyze relevant signals, create valuable insights and deliver relevant insights to each business unit and stakeholder in their Market Intelligence program. This saves valuable time by helping REC-Group’s Intelligence team automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Now, stakeholders have a better understanding of emerging technologies, regulation changes and the market as a whole, since receiving accurate insights that support the strategic decision making process throughout the organization.

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