Intelligence2day® Pricing

Turn data into actionable insights.

Pricing is based on annual subscriptions and consists of 4 components: Software, Global News, Users, and Add Ons.

 We adapt to your needs.

Simple Pricing




  • All features and functions for
    • Collection of Sources
    • Classification & Search
    • Visual Analysis
    • Delivering & Sharing
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Alerts and Reports
  • Maintenance, Support and Upgrade


Curated collections of trusted news sources covering key industries and important topics.

Custom searches across over 250,000 open sources worldwide, in over 30 languages.


Unlimited Users can have access to the software. Users can be contributors or consumers.

Power Users manage and configure the software platform.


As you scale, there are a number of add-ons available e.g. AI features, integrations, and premium content connectors.

Powerful integration capabilities and ready connectors to easily plug in the data providers you are using today.

How much will I pay?

What you pay will in the end depend on your requirements and your chosen plan. Intelligence2day® has many add-ons and different features that determine the final price. Contact a member of our sales team to assist you with a personalized quote.

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