Your Insights Platform

Intelligence2day® - the Insight Engine for Market
and Competitive Intelligence.

Comintelli provides an award-winning platform for Market & Competitive Intelligence called Intelligence2day®.

With Intelligence2day®, you can automatically collect, discover, organize, analyze and share information and knowledge, focusing on any aspect of the competitive landscape whether it be customers, competitors, products, markets, technologies or trends.

Our expertly designed, award-winning platform supports managers and knowledge workers in both strategic and tactical decision making, and shortens Time-To-Insights to accelerate business strategy, product innovation and business development.


Intelligence2day® “offers robust [Do-It-Yourself] content integration and taxonomy setup … [and] enables power users to use predefined connectors to a wide range of data sources — both internal and external — and to define their taxonomy.”

– The Forrester New Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019