The Insight Engine for Market and Competitive Intelligence

Intelligence2day® is the only complete M&CI platform on the market that supports both tactical and strategic intelligence.
With Intelligence2day®, you can automatically collect, discover, organize, analyze, and share information and knowledge, focusing on any aspect of the competitive landscape whether it be customers, competitors, products, markets, technologies or trends.

How does Intelligence2day® work?

Helps you automatically connect Market & Competitive Intelligence with the right decision makers.

Collection Of Sources

Seamlessly aggregates and unifies information from a broad spectrum of internal and external sources to provide a single picture of all information about the competitive landscape.

Processing & Analysis

Automated data enrichment & AI assisted search & classification technology adds context & meaning to large volumes of unstructured content. Apply visual analysis tools to help you discover signals early.

Delivering & Sharing

A knowledge repository where users discover and share insights via user-friendly portals, mobile devices, alerts and by integrating with other applications. Always with highest security levels.

Collection of Sources

Helps you monitor all types of intelligence via one single point of access.
  • Web monitoring 
      • Curated collections of industry news sources
      • Search covering >250,000 web sites
      • Crawl any custom website of your choice
  • RSS/JSON feeds can be added by you.
  • Paid Subscriptions Connectors to >100 content providers covering major market research firms 
  • Your Internal insights. 
  • Field Intelligence is automatically captured via email or photos.

Intelligence2day® APIs allows you to easily integrate any of your favorite sources.

Classification and Search

Helps you manage and organize all your data

  • All information that comes into the system is automatically tagged and indexed using a hybrid classification process.
  • A hybrid classification approach works best for M&CI:
  • Leveraging a Context-based taxonomy combined with dynamic AI categorization and tagging.
  • Advanced Search features.


Visual Analysis

Helps you discover trends and spot signals early.
  • Automatic classification, translation, and summarization using NLP and Generative AI.
  • Group results on detected themes and discover trends to spot early warning signs.

Delivering & Sharing

Helps you generate and share insights to make intelligence actionable

Dashboards are customized interfaces, or views, that can be tailored to suit specific workflows and user group needs

Customizable reporting and profiling functions that are easy to update, enhance, and share via email. A variety of report templates to choose from; e.g. Event Report, SWOT Analysis, Editor’s Choice, Eisenhower Reports, Four Corner.

Alerts and newsletters for individuals or teams to be automatically notified of important news

Interactive collaboration features allows users to share internal knowledge and expertise. Editorial review process assures highly relevant content


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