One of the founding beliefs within Comintelli is that of joint value creation. Not just with customers but, equally important, also with partners in the value chain.

Customers of Comintelli should be confident that by investing in a Comintelli system they gain access to relevant Competitive Intelligence competencies, technologies, methodologies and sources for reaching their business goals.

Therefore, Comintelli maintains partnerships across the world with companies providing assets, skills and resources, complementary to those of Comintelli.
Get to know some of our partners

Partner with Comintelli

Partnering with Comintelli is a fantastic opportunity. Our market intelligence platform, Intelligence2day® , is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of users worldwide. Unlike many other market and competitive intelligence companies, we don’t engage in any content or consulting work, preferring to refer that business to our partners, and instead focusing on building the best possible software solutions.

Plus, no fees! We prefer to profit with our partners – not from them.

Let's grow our businesses together! Explore our partner programs, find the one that’s right for you, and let’s start growing better together.

If your company is based in Europe or North America and you are interested in partnering with Comintelli, apply to become a partner by sending an email to with your contact details and a short description of:

  1. Why you want to partner with Comintelli?
  2. What experience you have in Market & Competitive intelligence?
  3. Which type of partner program you would like to explore?
    • Ambassador
    • Reseller
    • Consulting Partner
    • Content Provider
  4. Which countries and/or industries you sell into/work with?