We have a well-defined onboarding process. Within just a few weeks, you will have a complete M&CI platform configured according to your needs.


Comintelli helps our customers derive as much value as possible from their Intelligence2day® platform. We provide solutions that match customer needs as they grow into using Intelligence2day®, from planting the first seeds all the way to harvesting the fruits.

Our Customer Success Team will be your partner in this journey to ensure your platform will be a success in your organization. Our experts share their best practice experiences, update our Help Library and respond to any questions you may have.

All Intelligence2day® customers are welcome to our Annual User Conferences, IntelliSummit™, Intellinars and dedicated customer webinars covering e.g. our Future Road Map, What’s New, Tips & Tricks and much more. Our extensive online Resource Center contains best practice white papers, cases and articles about Market & Competitive Intelligence that will help you succeed.