August 26, 2013

Compete, Strive and Survive!

Nan Bulger is the new executive director and CEO for SCIP. In  SCIP’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando 2013, she talked about what her version of […]
August 16, 2013

The Future of Search by Martin White

In a presentation called “The Future of Search”, held at Findability Day 2013, the intranet and and information management strategy consultant Martin White gives an interesting talk […]
August 12, 2013

A boss’ challenge: KM in a month, on the cheap!

Guest blogger: Ron Brumbarger, President & CEO, BitWise Solutions. Ever received a challenge presented to you by your boss like this: “I need a knowledge management […]
August 5, 2013

How too much information is hazardous

Information overload cost the US economy almost 1 trillion dollars in 2010, and each year, over 28 billion hours are lost due to information overload. In […]
July 2, 2013

Marketing the CI function to ensure its survival

Guest blogger: Henrik Sköld If you are involved in Competitive Intelligence (CI) in your organization – quite likely since you are reading this blog – your […]
June 12, 2013

Why the Misconception that Computer Information is Competitive Intelligence Will Earn You Last Place

This is the title of the essay by Nita Heeg, the winner of this year's Jim Mathews Award [...]
May 22, 2013

SCIP Orlando 2013

Fresh back from the yearly SCIP event in Orlando, we look back at all the new relationships we’ve built and the old ones that we’ve nurtured. We […]
April 16, 2013

Free report on getting more out of big data!

Many organizations today sit on an enormous amount of information. This data is coming in from various sources, originating both inside and outside of the organization. […]
April 3, 2013

The internet is free only if the value of your time is zero…

So called free information often comes at a high cost. We don’t have to pay cash for the information, but it can take many hours to […]
March 25, 2013

Knowledge XChanger 8 Released to Alllow Enterprises to Manage their Information & Knowledge as a Strategic Corporate Asset.

Comintelli has announced [...]
March 1, 2013

100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Among the chosen companies we find Citrix, Comintelli, EMC and Google [...]
January 7, 2013

Stay ahead of your competition!

In a recently published FORTUNE article, the reporter writes about competitive intelligence (CI) as one of the fastest growing method to stay ahead of competition. Some […]
November 19, 2012

2012 SCIP Dublin

Comintelli had the pleasure of exhibiting during the European SCIP Summit from Nov 6th-9th, at Hotel Burlington in Dublin, Ireland. A well-organized agenda, a good sample […]
November 16, 2012

Social Intelligence for Competitive Strategy

In a recent article, published by McKinsey, the role of social media for adjusting companies competitive strategy is emphasized and discussed. Traditional methods of collecting intelligence […]
October 24, 2012

Big data for a competitive advantage

In a McKinsey&Company video,  David Court, director of the company, explains how organizations can transform the way they do business by making better use of big […]