Market Research Providers

Intelligence2day® for Market Research Providers is an efficient content delivery solution specifically designed for smaller organizations and agencies that provide market research and strategic analysis for their clients.

Share your insights and research with your target group efficiently!

Do you sell high-value research to a business audience?

Do you publish intelligence to a subscriber base?

Information consumers want more functionality to make content usable, dynamic, integrated, and personalized

Intelligence2day is the answer

To make customers happy, you need:

  • a platform that supports content with tools that maximize usefulness to customers.
  • efficient customer management to grow.
  • to help your customers get more value from your services.
  • more personalized usage to optimize customer engagement.
  • measurable usage to prove your value.
  • to boost sales and reduce customer churn.

Intelligence2day® for Market Research Providers is a cloud-based software platform providing a single point of delivery for your content, research, and analysis.