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Find out how Intelligence2day® helped Line of Sight with highest level of expertise in research and intelligence

COMPANY: Line of Sight Group


The adoption of Intelligence2day® brought a marked improvement in reliability and speed compared to Line of Sight's previous system. The platform's flexibility allowed them to efficiently onboard clients and tailor reports to suit their specific needs.

Line of Sight was founded in 2002, driven by a mission to empower clients in the healthcare, financial services, and education sectors with strategic market and competitive intelligence. Drawing from Steve Schulz's (founder of Line of Sight) experience working in these industries, He established Line of Sight as a resource for companies aiming to surpass their competition and deliver superior value to customers.

The Challenge

As Line of Sight grew, Steve Schulz (founder of Line of Sight) found it increasingly challenging to maintain both their in-house competitive intelligence software and their research efforts.

To ensure the highest level of expertise in research and intelligence, they decided to explore a more streamlined and effective solution.


The Solution

The implementation of Intelligence2day® has yielded several benefits. Notably, it has enhanced Line of Sight's team efficiency and their capacity to provide their clients with valuable insights. The platform's user-friendly interface, coupled with the newly integrated analytics features, has significantly amplified the value we bring to their clients.

Among the standout features of Intelligence2day®, its reliability and speed have been the most compelling. The platform's consistent performance and seamless operation have eliminated software-related hurdles, enabling our team to focus on delivering insights effectively.


“Our team at Line of Sight actively employs various features offered by Intelligence2day®, ranging from heat maps and cross-tabs to trend clusters. The platform's speed, reliability, and advanced analytics capabilities played a significant role in our decision-making process. ”

- Steve Schulz, Founder of Line of Sight 

About Line of Sight

Line of Sight Group provides strategic insight and guidance to help you grow your business while managing strategic risk.

For more information, visit Line of Sight 


Recently, we had the privilege of hosting an exclusive joint webinar with Steve, which was a unique opportunity to delve into the topic of 'Leveraging the Power of Social Media and AI for Deeper Market and Competitive Insights.' This topic, which was also a highlight session at the SCIP Intellicon conference in Nashville this April, drew the attention of industry leaders and sparked engaging discussions.

Watch the webinar here: Leveraging the Power of Social Media and AI for Deeper Market and Competitive Insights.

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