Reflections on “The New Market Landscape for Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms”

In a recent report, Forrester states that “The market for market and competitive intelligence platforms is poised to take off.” We agree that the market landscape […]

Webinar -Identify & Act on Emerging Innovation

Download our webinar where we address the difficulties of managing innovation and responding to market disruption, which often result from outdated practices. Watch the webinar recording […]

Webinar -Social intelligence (SI) vs. Competitive intelligence (CI)

What are they and why should you care in a B2B context? Customers have more power than ever before. Social Media operates like a megaphone that […]

Webinar -Staying Ahead of the Retail Game

In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive retail sector, staying ahead of the game is crucial. As an innovation manager or MCI professional, you must navigate changing […]

Webinar – Energy Sector M&CI Made Easy

Energy Sector M&CI Made Easy: Automate Your Process with an AI-Powered Intelligence Platform KEY TAKEAWAYS Trends and challenges of M&CI in the energy sector What “best […]

Webinar – Unlocking the Secrets of Strategic Intelligence

Discover the critical role of Strategic Intelligence in guiding and supporting your organization’s overall strategic direction, as well as specific initiatives such as M&A, product development, […]

Webinar – Will the CI-Function be Completely Replaced by AI in the Future?

This webinar provides a platform for discussion on the value of the CI function going forward, the challenges and opportunities it faces, and how the CI […]

Webinar – Elevating Decision-Making in Healthcare:

M&CI professionals need to navigate pricing strategies, research breakthroughs, and regulatory changes, to mitigate risks and seize growth opportunities. However, extracting meaningful insights from the vast […]

Webinar – How to Secure your M&CI Efforts Despite Limited Resources?

In this webinar, we provide insights into strategies to grow your M&CI platform in a structured way, ensuring that available resources are optimized and the organization’s […]

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Description of the features and functions of Intelligence2day®, a cloud-based software platform developed and provided by Comintelli.