The Comintelli Leadership Team

Leadership Team & Board of Directors

Leadership Team

Jesper Martell

Title: CEO

Employed since: 1999

CEO and co-founder of Comintelli. Prior to founding Comintelli, Mr Martell had a career at the telecom company Ericsson, where he created and managed the corporate IntelligenceCenter. He is an international keynote speaker and thought leader with numerous published articles on Intelligence Platforms, Portals and Machine Learning.

He is a recipient of the Distinguished Member Award from the SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) Association and a selected member of the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows. Mr Martell holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shares: 1 744 000 shares

Christian Bjerser

Title: SVP, Customer Success

Employed since: 2005

SVP, Customer Success. Mr Bjerser joined Comintelli in 2005 and was SVP Business Development before he moved to Chicago and became CEO of Comintelli Inc. After his studies he worked as a Project Manager at the Competitive Intelligence Department at Ericsson. In 1999 he became Head of Technology at the consulting firm Docere Intelligence AB.

In 2002 he was recruited for the role of Business Development Manager at the medical technology company UnicomCare AB. In 2004 he started the company Distribution Technologies DISTEC AB, which developed the world’s first automatic book lending machine. Mr Bjerser has studied business management at Stockholm University.

Shares: 49 166 shares

Anders Thulin

Title: CTO

Employed since: 1999

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Comintelli. Prior to founding Comintelli Mr Thulin had a few different roles at the telecom company Ericsson, where he was, among other things, IT project manager and IT manager.

He is a recognized pioneer in the field of search technology and has extensive expertise in digitized information processing, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Shares: 882 606 shares

Peter Mörsell

Title: CFO

Employed since: 2019

Mr Mörsell is responsible for financials and Investor Relations at Comintelli. He has extensive experience of the CFO role from several listed companies, such as Exalt, and venture capital owned companies, such as Apotek Hjärtat.

He sits on the Board of a listed e-commerce company.

Shares: 0

Rania Botani

Title: VP Product Development

Employed since: 2015

Rania Botani assumes responsibility for the ongoing development of the SaaS platform, Intelligence2day®.

Rania has a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Media Technology from Södertörn Univeristy. Since joining Comintelli in 2015, Rania has made significant contributions in areas such as Marketing, Front-End Development, and Product Development.

Shares: 1 000 shares

Board of Directors

Pelle Hjortblad

Chairman of the Board

Mr Hjortblad is the owner and CEO of Moonlight Management AB and Toftaholm Herrgård AB. He is Chairman of the Board at Comintelli AB, and Newton Nordic AB and Board Member at Motion Display AB, Kontigo Care AB and Trippus Event Solutions AB. Pelle has been an advisor for Swedish Growthfund, Info24 AB, Comintelli AB, Stratsys AB, Esoft Systems AS and a Board Member at Speedledger AB, Apsis Sweden AB and ABAX AS.

Between 2005-2011, Mr Hjortblad was the CEO of Projectplace International AB, Paynova AB 2001-2005 and Song Networks 1999-2001.

Shares: 1 500 shares

Sofia Fogelfors

Board Member

Sofia Fogelfors is CMO at Compricer, part of Schibsted Personal Finance. Sofia became a board member in June 2021. She has over 15 years experience of Digital Marketing, both B2C and B2B Saas.

Previous positions include senior marketing roles at Projectplace, Planview and RPM ltd, London. Sofia Fogelfors has a Masters Degree in International Business from Stockholm University.

Tomas Huuva

Board Member

Mr Huuva is an independent consultant within finance. He was elected board member in September 2018.

He has been a board member of Serafim Capital AB and Promentor Finans AB. He was previously CFO at the Serafim Group and CFO at Svensk Hypotekspension. Mr Huuva has a master degree in economics and finance.

Shares: 8 000 shares

Roine Gabrielsson

Board Member

Mr. Gabrielsson is the CEO of Mavera, a Swedish insurtech company. He has more than 20 years experience from the software industry and has worked with market expansion in Europe, US and Asia.

His previous positions include SVP at StrongPoint Asia, CEO of CashGuard, VP Sales & Marketing at McAfee, VP Global Sales at Projectplace, and CEO of TeamEngine. Roine Gabrielsson holds an MBA from Henley Business School, U.K.

Shares: 0 shares

Markko Vaarnas

Board Member

Mr. Markko Vaarnas has extensive experience in growth and internationalization in B2B SaaS companies. He was the co-founder and CEO of the Global Intelligence Alliance Group (GIA) between 1995 and 2014 before it was sold to Finnish M-Brain.

Today, he is an independent consultant and Chairman of the Board for SaaS & IT companies Futures Platform Oy and Avoset Oy, and a board member of Qvik Oy.

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