Intelligence2day® is an Insight Engine for Market and Competitive Intelligence.

  • Automatically collects, discovers, organizes, analyzes and shares information and knowledge
  • Focused on any aspect of the competitive landscape (e.g. customers, competitors, products, markets, technologies, trends)
  • Supports managers and knowledge workers in both strategical and tactical decision making
  • Shortens Time-To-Insights which accelerates business strategy, product innovations and business development


How does Intelligence2day® work?

Intelligence2day® can be viewed as a funnel that connects information sources with information users:

 intelligence2day internal and external sources

  1. INPUT: Seamlessly unifies information from a broad spectrum of internal and external sources to provide a single picture of all enterprise information.
  2. ENGINE: Automated data enrichment & advanced search technology adds context & meaning to large volumes of unstructured  content.
  3. OUTPUT: Provides a knowledge repository where users discover and share insights via user-friendly portals, mobile devices, alerts and also other applications.


Product Review

Automatically unifies internal and external sources into one portal, so knowledge workers don’t have to move from one information source to another. Aggregates content from various sources, structures it using Topic Maps and delivers it in a relevant format. Users can then focus on analyzing the content and gaining insights rather than searching for it. Classifies both documents and people using Topic Maps, searching full-text documents, analyzing trends and patterns and delivering content in a relevant format to authorized users”

–Jinfo (formerly FreePint), Independent product review published in April 2017
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