The Insights Funnel

With Intelligence2day®, information overload turns into strategic decision-making so you can use your Market & Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) better.

Collection of Sources

Monitor internal and external media using a single point of access with our extensive network of Content and Data Partners.

Process & Analyze

Search and classify your chosen sources to find and analyze relevant content.

Classification & Search

Manage and organize your content easily.

Drill down into your favorite topics with our focused approach that’s adaptable to your unique needs.


Deliver & Share

Generate and share insights to make intelligence actionable.

Create custom dashboards

  • Share intelligence in a way that works for multiple groups.
  • Collate content, data, and media, in a central hub for competitive insights. Create unlimited dashboards to fit your unique needs.

Tailored alerts and newsletters

  • Notify individuals or teams automatically with important news. Update, improve, and share news in the format that works best for each person or team.

Collaborate with others

  • Capture internal knowledge and expertise by collaborating with others. Use lists and share works in progress with other stakeholders to maximize insight generation.

Share insights

  • Gather relevant articles in a representative report, add your insights, and share them with others.
  • Choose from a variety of report templates — Event Reports, SWOT Analysis, Editor’s Choice, Eisenhower Reports, Four Corner, and many more.

Faster Time-to-Insights allows your business to stay ahead of the competition by making informed, strategic decisions.

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