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Find out how Intelligence2day helped DSM reduce information overload, saving time and increasing productivity.


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Here’s how Intelligence2day® helped DSM establish an automatic way of receiving, finding and using data, to ensure the company stays on the forefront of trends.

DSM is a purpose-led science company specializing in solutions for nutrition, health and sustainable living. With a purpose to create brighter lives for all, the company uses science and innovation to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. This means creating value for their customers, shareholders, employees, and society as a whole.

The Challenge

This innovative company needed to keep up-to-date with an accurate, targeted, external news platform that could automate the collection and dissemination of news. Previously, employees were spending a lot of time sifting and sorting through information to find what they were looking for. In order to continue providing cutting edge solutions for their customers, DSM needed to find the easiest and most efficient way to reduce information overload for their users. They needed to enhance their external orientation and eliminate the need to subscribe to multiple external newsletters.

The Solution

Intelligence2day®Enterprise managed to meet all of DSM’s needs and more. A versatile system was created where targeted user groups within the company have the ability to design the Intelligence2day® platform to their specific needs. The option to push out emails from the system was also a very effective way to reach out to users.
“Recipients of emails are forwarding these on a regular basis, resulting in requests from non-users to be added to the system. This shows the relevance of the tooling. In addition, we’re actively developing ‘new’ use cases within the company to further broaden the usage.”

- UbaldKragten, Manager Business & Market Intelligence at DSM

DSM has a core purpose as a business to create brighter lives for all – finding solutions for nutrition, health and sustainable living by using science and innovation.

The company is also proud that their name has assumed a new meaning amongst stakeholders and their 23 000 employees worldwide; Doing Something Meaningful.

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