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An Intelligence Platform for Tetra Pak!

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company with businesses in many parts of the world.

The challenge was to create an intelligence platform, where people working with intelligence in all intelligence units could find and share information in an easy way, and use that as a starting point for their intelligence work.


“Knowledge about our business surroundings is important to be able to make the right decisions for growth and new opportunities.”  

– Anders Påander, Director of Marketing & Portfolio Tools, Tetra Pak.
To read the full story about how Comintelli helped Tetra Pak achieve this, go to Resource Center and read the Case Study! 


The Intelligence Platform solution that addressed all of Tetra Pak’s needs was Intelligence2day®. One major reason that steered Tetra Pak to make this choice was the ability to create a good information structure that would enable intelligence workers from all different business units to find and share information.

A positive side effect of developing a new information structure and creating a central place for intelligence is that all the people involved in the project see the benefits and become stakeholders in the intelligence work.

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Intelligence Platform Demo

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