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Market Intelligence Portal for Telecom Company – a cloud-based information platform drives efficient Market Intelligence gathering, sharing and collaboration for better decision making.

“The main benefit of this type of system is that we gather all market intelligence into one place and that we have one way of classify and search it. We have gotten a better grip of market intelligence as an area because of this approach”
– Senior Manager of Market & Competitive Intelligence & Strategy at a large Telecom Company


Solution Snapshot

Market Intelligence Portal IDC-Case-StudyCustomer:

Large telecommunications provider


Transforming a large enterprise in a highly dynamic market necessitates a solution, which makes market intelligence available to everyone and improves knowledge sharing.


Comintelli Intelligence2day® as a service from a public cloud installation.

Project Duration:

Setup 10 weeks. Roll out to 60%, 7 months from start.


All market intelligence in one place with one common classification model to enable better search and collaboration and improve decision making.


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