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Knowledge Management Software to Law Firm offering legal services within the entire spectra of commercial and corporate law.

The lawyers at the law firm create a substantial amount of agreements, memos, applications, corporate documents, etc. The firm must store these securely, along with letters and documents generated by clients and other involved parties.


“We had 1800 different sub-folders, which meant that my colleagues had trouble knowing exactly where to store documents. Our lawyers simply could not get an
overview of the structure, the result being that it took a lot of time to find documents within the folder structure. Free text searching the folders was also time consuming.”

– Lawyer and project manager for the new system, at the Law Firm
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The objective was to build a structure using internal and external sources to allow management to make more evidence based decisions. This would increase both efficiency and quality, and at the same time improve their customer acquisition and service, as well as creating a stronger brand.

Besides the improvement in the managing of internal documents, they also wanted to encourage a more conscious competitive intelligence (CI) process. Competition among law firms is increasing and it is becoming crucial to be aware of trends and be able to position your law firm versus competitors.

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Commercial & Corporate Law




Saving administrative time which may instead be translated into client time, resulting in becoming both faster and more efficient, which gain both for  clients and for themselves.


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