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Knowledge Management System for a Global Construction Company that develops, constructs and maintains the physical environment required to reside, travel and work.

Within the construction industry work is often carried out in project oriented organizations and it is not uncommon for these to be geographically isolated from each other. In order to make the knowledge and experience generated by individual employees accessible to everybody, an extensive infrastructure for knowledge sharing is required.

“The large expansion process that we are going through requires a structured tool that allows us to find the expertise in different parts of the organization”
– Vice President of KMS System
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The portal KMS Experts, based on Intelligence2day®, was the answer to the question of how to enable employees to quickly access expertise within the company. It is a register containing selected people with a high competence level within specific fields. Users can either search for experts with the help of this search engine or browse their way to the desired knowledge area via the topic structure.

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Expertise knowledge becomes accessible to everybody regardless of location or position within the company, country or language.


Knowledge Management System Demo

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