Intelligence2day® is trusted by tens of thousands of users in some of the world’s most successful organizations.

Intelligence Software for Large biopharmaceutical company who develops novel therapeutic products in order to bring them to the market.

Their overload of information led to a loss of productivity as everyone was looking for the same information, often repeatedly. The urgent need for a common platform became imminent: Information had to be screened and communicated in a systematic way.


Following a thorough analysis of our needs and all Intelligence Software available, we chose Intelligence2day® for its versatility and capacity to grow with our organization, the flexibility of the IT group to adapt to our high security standards and the quality of their customer service.

– Director of Market Research and Strategic Intelligence, Biopharmaceutical Company


The aim was to create a proactive and high level of competitive intelligence services for better decision-making in cross-functional activities.

Intelligence2day® has helped the company to streamline the time-consuming process of finding, gathering and sharing business information, resulting in more generated business for them as it has enhanced strategic business decisions. It has also improved product development as resources can focus on their core area.

intelligence software for pharma industry






More generated business as it enhanced strategic business decisions and improved product development as resources can focus on their core area.


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