Founded in 1999 and with extensive industry experience, we continue to respond to our customers’ needs, developing flexible systems that save both time and money.

Our Story

In the midst of the Internet explosion in the 90’s, the unlimited access to new sources of information, aggressive competition and changing market conditions forced many organizations to realize that Competitive Intelligence was becoming crucial for survival, especially for companies in the tele– and data communication sector such as Ericsson, the world’s leading telecommunication supplier.


Story of Comintelli

Mr. Martell, Mr. Anderbjörk and Mr. Thulin who at the time worked at Ericsson’s GSM business unit management, had discovered that a lot of time was wasted searching the net for information, without any coordination between business divisions or markets within the company. Money was also wasted on purchasing market reports that already existed in several other divisions.

They created a new innovative intelligence portal named BIC (Business Information Center) which was so successful that corporate management asked them to set up something similar for Ericsson on an enterprise scale.

To make it easier to access and find all the information, there was also a need to centralize all content, which meant, it would have to become digitized. Ericsson was in fact one of the great driving forces behind this transformation of the content industry. Up until this point, information everywhere had been paper-based.

The effects were inevitable. Not only did the system give return competitively, but also financially. Many considered BIC to be one of the largest Competitive Intelligence systems in the world.


Story of Comintelli

When clients and contractors to Ericsson started asking them to provide them with similar systems, the team moved on to go set up their own business in 1999, today known as Comintelli.

Comintelli was founded on the belief that information is one of the most valuable assets an organization has and should be managed as such.


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