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Find out how Intelligence2day® reduced information overload and continues to drive relevant content to numerous sectors of the company.

COMPANY: AkzoNobel

TYPE: Decorative paint and performance coatings, B2B.

WEBSITE: https://www.akzonobel.com

Here’s how Intelligence2day® helped establish a centralized intelligence platform that could deliver relevant information to over 32,000 employees.

AkzoNobel is a global paint and coatings company which has been driving innovation in the industry for more than two centuries. It’s active in over 150 countries and is considered to be the world’s most sustainable paints company. Its activities are divided across five business units, employing a total of around 32,000 people.

The Challenge

AkzoNobel has a large intelligence department with an extensive taxonomy. It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and work with and, as a result, the company experienced information overload. AkzoNobel needed a platform that could cater for its different segments; each unique team needed relevant information supplied in an easy and accessible way. A company-wide monthly newsletter simply wasn’t niche enough for multiple departments. Instead, each one needed information appropriate to its function, delivered in a timely way.

The Solution

The switch to Intelligence2day® went very smoothly and AkzoNobel was happy with the way it could tailor the platform to make it the company’s own.

Customized platform

Customizing the competitive intelligence tool, renamed OneIntelligence, created an inviting platform that encourages employees to find the information they need. OneIntelligence is now an established brand within the company.

“We were able to customize Intelligence2day® and create something that looks and feels like AkzoNobel. It really blends in with the rest of the tools that we have. It looks good and is easy to use – you can really find your way around the platform effortlessly.” – Intelligence Officer at AkzoNobel.

Centralized platform

Having a centralized platform makes it a one-stop-shop for employees to find the trusted information they need. This trusted information is also shared with them through unique alerts.

“Intelligence2day® has enabled us to inform all departments with specific news on a weekly basis. OneIntelligence is the central place where users can find information and analysis that is relevant to their sector.” – Intelligence Officer at AkzoNobel

Increased interest in CI

OneIntelligence and the CI department has now become well-known within the company. Employees have started to appreciate the data published on the platform by intelligence analysts. Because of Intelligence2day® and the type of information that is shared, there is now an improved interest in market intelligence.

Relevance and reduction in information overload

Information overload was a huge problem previously but now, with Intelligence2day®, the content is streamlined and tailored. Some information is only relevant to a particular segment and can be shared accordingly. Every week, employees receive relevant information for their department from the previous week – saving time whilst also keeping them well informed.

Streamlined workflows and processes

All news is shared in one place through a targeted newsfeed. Analysts then review, classify and distribute it to the relevant user groups. Analysts also contribute by sharing competitor and market analysis on the platform.

In total, there are 15 weekly newsletters, 14 going to the relevant departments and one to the entire company. Depending on the department, an average of 25 news articles are sent out, although in some instances departments would like to see as many as 50 news articles. In addition, an average of 1500 automated email alerts are issued, saving the analysts’ time and keeping employees alert to trending news.


The future of AkzoNobel looks great with Intelligence2day® by its side, as all users of OneIntelligence continue to receive the right information at the right time.

“Intelligence2day® has made retrieving and sharing information a lot easier and less time-consuming for our entire company.”

Intelligence Officer at AkzoNobel

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