Since the beginning of the IT-era, the amount of information we need to deal with on a day-to-day basis has increased dramatically.

It has become difficult for many organizations to keep track of, update and access the information in an efficient way. The individuals in the company no longer know what the company knows. We are getting more and more infobese. Here is the reality.

80 % of the information in most companies is unstructured, making it difficult to access

Many organizations risk that critical information is overlooked when key decisions are made because the information is difficult to access due to that it is stored in an unstructured way. The problem makes it much more difficult to make decisions for key decision makers.

infobesity delayed_decisions

43 % of managers think that important decisions are delayed

As much as 43% of managers think that important decisions are delayed and their abilities to make decisions are affected as a result of  having too much information​.

$8.5 billion a year are lost in the Fortune 500 companies alone

It is estimated  that 15-30% of a knowledge worker’s time is spent seeking information and that fruitless information searches cost the Fortune 500 companies alone $8.5 billion a year in lost productivity.


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