CEO of Comintelli, Jesper Martell, accepts an invitation to join the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows

Founder and CEO of Comintelli, Jesper Martell, has been invited to join the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows among the 2020 inductees. Through the nomination and selections process, Jesper was chosen in recognition of his contributions to the competitive intelligence industry as a whole. With Jesper’s extensive knowledge and expertise in market and competitive intelligence since 1996, we believe that he will contribute greatly to being a part of this council.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to be inducted as a Competitive Intelligence Fellow since it is sponsored and endorsed by peers in the industry. The CI Fellows represent intelligence specialists around the world and it will be my great pleasure to contribute to this mission.”
– Jesper Martell, CEO and Founder of Comintelli.

Jesper will be joining a body of Fellows who are all leaders in Market and Competitive Intelligence, from the founders of the competitive intelligence fields to thought leaders and innovators from around the world. Fellows are spread-out geographically and represent the industry sectors, academia, government, and non-profits. This year, Jesper Martell is the only European and one of the few members that were chosen outside of America.

Jesper is passionate about giving numerous presentations, webinars and articles about Competitive Intelligence. His favourite areas of interest are anything technology-oriented, such as CI portals, integration of CI tools with other systems, AI, Machine Learning, text analytics and classification, gamification, adoption of software by users, selection of content sources, field intelligence gathering and more.

Council President Cynthia Cheng Correia welcomed the 2020 inductees;

“My Council colleagues and I congratulate our new CI Fellows on their achievement. They not only exemplify the Council’s commitment to advancing intelligence, they bring the excellence of their practices to the Council. We’re delighted to have the insights and skills of our new Fellows, as the Council deepens our service and support…We look forward to their continued leadership and contributions, as the Council provides critical navigation for current challenges and uncertainties, and in the times ahead.”

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows are expected to apply individual and collective leadership to fulfil the mission as an educational nonprofit that supports sound ethical and innovative practices in the competitive intelligence community and for intelligence users – something that Jesper will add value to.

Jesper holding the obelisk that each member receives.


For more information:
Jesper Martell
CEO, Comintelli AB

Cynthia Cheng Correia
President, CI Council

About The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows
The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows ( is a group of professionals who have been recognized by their peers for leadership in the discipline of competitive intelligence, and who are steadfast in their support of the advancement of the discipline. To this end, the mission of the Council is to sustain and foster the discipline of CI by serving as Ambassadors, Champions, Mentors and Educators, and provide thought leadership to the CI community.

About Comintelli
Comintelli ( is a Swedish software company which offers Intelligence Software ( that converts unstructured big data content into organized, digestible information for decision-making. Founded in 1999 and with extensive intelligence experience, Comintelli continues to develop user-friendly solutions that shortens Time-to-Insights.