Article about how to make information intelligible written by Luis Madureira, Founder of ÜBERBRANDS and Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor at Comintelli for SCIP

We want to share this articel written by Luis & Ingemar for SCIP. Don’t miss out on this good information about how you can make information intelligible. Below is a sneak peek of the articel. Follow the link down below to read the whole article.

Data in today’s world is more valuable than oil, and more abundant than ever. Still, only a fraction of it is used for analysis. This article provides insights related to how Competitive Intelligence Professionals (CIPs) can become more efficient. This by leveraging AI and big data to allow for better forward-looking analysis that will enable superior firm performance.

How can we make the most of the available data and information by developing the insights that allow CIPs to position themselves as decision-makers’ trusted advisors?

Read the full article at this link.

Article - How to make information intelligible


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