Comintelli releases new White Paper with advice on how to find the best sources for intelligence

Finding information for your intelligence system might seem like an easy task considering the abundant amount of data out there. However, getting the most out of a system – and achieving the business impact you and your stakeholders are looking for – is also dependent on having the right data.

Comintelli today announced the release of a new White Paper titled “How do you feed relevant external content into your intelligence system?”. This White Paper advices you on how to find and validate sources in order to get the most out of your intelligence system. Although Intelligence2day® handles both internal and external sources, this White Paper is solely focused on external sources of data (web-based content, externally produced newsletters, public filings, etc.).

“External or secondary data is very valuable to help make important business decisions, but failing to check the relevancy and/or reliability of the sources could lead to inaccurate analyses and poor business decisions. Organizations need to evaluate their sources to ensure their accuracy and validity, which is why we created this White Paper,” says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli.

You can request a free copy of this White Paper by emailing or filling out this form. For even more insights and guidance, the new “Comintelli eWorkbook on External Content” will provide you with some valuable tips – also available on request.

In addition to the release of this White Paper, Comintelli is hosting an exclusive webinar on the same topic, presented by Robin Neidorf from independent research firm Jinfo (, on Thursday, September 19th.

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