REC Group – An Intelligence2day® Case Study

How a small but global CI team used Intelligence2day® to monitor critical news and to alert decision makers in the fast changing solar power industry.

REC Group ( is an industry leading solar energy company with global reach and an Intelligence2day® customer. They have around 2 000 employees and is headquartered in Norway.

As many other companies, REC Groups market intelligence team used a variety of third party sources to gather intelligence, including tools such as Google Alerts. This resulted in an overflow of, not always relevant, information clogging up the team’s inboxes. At times, the team might have received up to 90% irrelevant articles in their inbox! Going through this news feed to identify relevant information cost the team a lot of valuable time every day.

REC Group wanted to find a way to gather all their sources in one place in order to quickly and easily find what they were looking for.  They were also looking for a solution that would automate the process of filtering out important information and sharing the relevant insights with specific groups and business units through the company.