Successful Organizations are using AI-based Technology to Discover Actionable Competitive and Market Intelligence

Join us for a unique webinar featuring Forrester analyst Cinny Little!

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, every Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Market Intelligence (MI) unit’s mission should be to support the company in making sound business decisions, either on a strategic or tactical level.  The main objective for CI is to ensure that the company is winning more business and to position the company for the future. Every employee therefore has a CI responsibility, not only the formal CI unit.

In order to address this important strategic management topic, Comintelli will host an educational webinar together with guest speaker Cinny Little, a Senior Analyst from Forrester Research.

Cinny will share her 2 best pieces of advice on Competitive Intelligence. She will be followed by Comintelli´s CEO Jesper Martell, who will show a real case of how data can be turned into insights using a combination of machine intelligence and human intelligence.

“Given the scale of information available and the speed of change, you need a technology platform to augment human intelligence in order to be prepared for the future,” says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli. “Our intelligence platform, Intelligence2day, collects relevant sources and visualizes the flow of information so human analysts can easily detect trends and patterns. During the webinar I will showcase how you can shorten your time to insights and drive actions based on data.”

Welcome to join us for this unique webinar featuring Senior Analyst Cinny Little from Forrester and Comintelli’s CEO Jesper Martell.

  • Title: How can organizations capture business opportunities by involving everyone in Market and Competitive Intelligence.
  • Date: Thursday 25th April
  • Time: 16:00 Central European Time, 10:00 Eastern US Time

OBS! This webinar has expired, registration closed. For recordings of previous webinars, please visit our Online Resource Center

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