Field Intelligence Gathering and Sharing made Easier by the New Mobile Application of Intelligence2day®.

Comintelli today announced the release of the new mobile version of its award-winning Intelligence2day® platform.

The mobile version of Intelligence2day® is specifically designed for gathering and sharing field intelligence. It allows users in the field (e.g. sales agents, trade show personnel, customer service reps, conference attendees) to quickly and easily connect to a central market intelligence system where they can both receive updates and profiles and also contribute primary observations. Every touchpoint with a customer or prospect is an opportunity to gain insights that can be used to support sales, marketing, product development and corporate strategy.

“We believe that everyone in an organization should be part of the competitive intelligence initiative and that all eyes and ears and brains need to collaborate to discover business opportunities”, says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli and continues, “Providing an easy and appealing way for employees to contribute insights and observations is therefore a key component of any successful intelligence initiative”.

Usually users want to do one of the following four tasks when they are using the mobile interface for intelligence work;

  1. Contribute field intelligence. This takes less than a minute; write a brief title, a few notes, take a photo, record a presentation, attach a file, tag it and share it.
  2. Check the latest intelligence updates. Scroll through news and read personal alerts at your convenience.
  3. Save relevant information. Each article can be commented, “starred” and added to your favorite lists for later reading and processing.
  4. Find important information. Access the central intelligence system for e.g. competitor profiles and market analysis.

The latest version of Intelligence2day® features a completely rebuilt mobile application with a modern user interface and exciting features. Automation is at the center and users can easily navigate the mobile version via a collapse menu button, available at all times. It is now possible to filter out unique dashboard channels to find the same information as on the desktop version of Intelligence2day®.

The software application is designed for use specifically on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. It makes use of “fluid” Responsive Web Design that adapts to the way the content is rendered on a variety of screen sizes, to provide a user with a perfect experience regardless of the device or browser they access the application with. As a result, it is far more flexible, and future-proof — considering the introduction of new devices, such as wearables and IoT. This improves accessibility, so that the widest possible range of users can easily access your intelligence content.

“Mobility is one of the most important needs of intelligence users and most users place a high value on having updated content in real time with no duplicates”, Jesper Martell explains. “Users expect mobility to be part of the package, so that it is simple and easy without tedious downloading and updating.”

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