IntelliSummit™ 2019 – Connecting Intelligence Professionals

Are you a Market & Competitive Intelligence professional, a business developer, an information analyst or a strategist? Do you think the business environment is getting complex ? Do you want learn how to stay relevant in the future? Then this conference is a ‘must-attend’!

Join the IntelliSummit™ 10-11 April 2019 in Stockholm!

The theme of this industry conference is how to create competitive advantages in a complex future. How do you stay objective and factful in a changing world? How do you speed up the analysis process? How do you cut through the noise and communicate insights in a reliable and impactful way?

On April 10, participate in workshops and take with you concrete and tangible learnings to implement at work! And on April 11, network with peers, participate in exciting roundtable discussions and get inspired by the keynotes, delivered by highly experienced and inspiring professionals, covering academia and business!

Here is a quick run-through of the very knowledgeable and interesting persons that will make April 10 and 11 a great experience for you!

    • Bobo af Ekenstam is a well-known speaker and CEO of the consulting company Docere Intelligence. He has been a global analyst and strategy consultant for several decades. Today he focuses a lot on the future and works a lot with conducting structured scenario analysis for customers. Bobo is also currently writing a book together with Pär Lager, also a well-known speaker and author. At IntelliSummit Bobo and Pär will show us how to implement a change-driven culture based on intelligence on April 11.
    • Pär Lager is not only an appreciated speaker and author, he is also a person with solid and unique leadership experience from listed international companies, medium-sized companies, startups and the public sector. He is a member of several boards for both companies and organizations and is former President and CEO of one of Sweden’s and Norway’s leading education groups. At IntelliSummit, Pär will show us, with Bobo af Ekenstam, how to implement a change-driven culture based on intelligence on April 11.
    • Robin Neidorf is Director of Research and Head of Consulting at Jinfo Research. Jinfo conducts information research and strategy consulting. Robin has long experience from the research and communications business. She has worked a lot with strategic planning and development of proprietary research-based tools. She is also an author. At the IntelliSummit she will talk about the evolution of intelligence platforms and what’s coming in the future on April 11, and also host a roundtable discussion on where to find the right content and getting the right data into your systems.
    • René Rohrbeck is Professor of Strategy and Associate Dean for Corporate Relations at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University. He received his doctorate from the Technische Universität Berlin for his research on Strategic Foresight. He has benchmarked over 500 companies and advised over 50 Top Management teams on how to increase their future preparedness. At Aarhus BSS, he leads the Strategic Foresight Research Network that develops methods for participatory foresight and scenario-based strategizing and runs regular benchmarking studies. René Rohrbeck is Partner at a Berlin-based consultancy that serves public clients, private-public partnerships and multinational organizations. He teaches in Danish and international Executive Education programs, where he focusses on Prospective Strategy, Business Model Innovation and Strategic Foresight. On April 11 René shares his insights regarding the competitors of the future; why they matter and how to prepare for them. He also moderates a roundtable discussion on how corporate foresight can create value in organizations.
    • Åsa Wikforss is Professor in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University. She specializes in the theory of knowledge and the philosophy of language. Her research is more important today than ever and she has been invited to share her view on what objective truth and knowledge really is on TV, radio, podcasts and news articles. She is the author of a very popular book on the topic of post-truth; ‘Alternativa fakta. Om kunskapen och dess fiender’, in English ‘Alternative facts. On knowledge and its enemies’. On April 11 she will present what knowledge really is, what is truth and how does our brain cope.
    • Mattias Spoormaker, Head of Strategic Analysis at telecom giant Ericsson, has over 20 years of experience from working with strategic analysis within the telecom industry. The competitive landscaped has changed dramatically the last years and Mattias presents on April 11 a case from the world of telecom on using Intelligence to identify the 5G and IoT business potential.
    • Jesper Martell is the CEO and co-founder of Comintelli. Jesper is responsible for the overall operational activities at Comintelli, focusing on marketing and product development. Prior to founding Comintelli, Jesper had a career at Ericsson between 1994-1998. He created, established and managed the corporate Business Information Centre, by many regarded as the largest competitive intelligence system in the world. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Stockholm School of Economics. Jesper’s workshop on April 10 will teach participants how to best use tools & technology to support competitive intelligence. On April 11 he hosts a roundtable to discuss how do you increase the value of IT tools for CI in the future?
    • Joost Drieman has 35 years of international management experience in business development, strategy and intelligence as well as executive coaching and business management mentoring. He is currently VP Intelligence Best Practices at M-Brain, a global market research company. On April 10, Joost conducts an interactive workshop that focuses on collecting and analysing competitor information. The workshop looks at traditional and non-traditional sources and shares best analysis practices. On April 11, Joost moderates a roundtable discussion on the future of intelligence and the power of serendipity.
    • Johan Hammarlund is Collaborative Foresight Advisor at Kairos Future, a leading Swedish consultancy that assists companies, organizations and leaders to understand and shape their futures. Johan has more than 15 years of experience from MI/CI-work as analyst, advisor, workshop facilitator and teacher. On April 11, Johan moderates a roundtable discussion onunconventional market intelligence methods – best practices and possibilities. How can advanced social media monitoring, crowd intelligence etc make intelligence work more efficient and in-depth?

The conference is moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli since 2018. He is an experienced and passionate competitive intelligence professional and presenter. As Director of Competitive Intelligence, he was responsible for competitive intelligence work within several business units at Ericsson. The work implied analyzing and disseminating insights on industry trends and players, and to provide ad hoc support in decision making. He has an MSc BA from Linköping University and certified to Master’s level at Academy of CI.On April 10 he conducts a workshop on how to engage senior management in the intelligence process.

Welcome to the market and competitive intelligence conference of the year – IntelliSummit 2019!

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