Intelligence2day® Successfully Launched in France

On November 8th, the Insight Engine Intelligence2day® was introduced to the French market during a launch event in Paris.

Intelligence2day Launched in France

The attendees got the opportunity to talk to several experts, starting with an introduction by Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli. The presentation was supported by Christian Bjerser, Senior Vice President of Comintelli, who presented three customer cases of organizations using Intelligence2day® on a daily basis.

Intelligence2day Launched in France

At a time when Fake News has become a communication strategy for some states and companies, contextualizing information to understand the meaning of it, what is real and what is relevant,  is becoming essential for discovering new insights.

Intelligence2day Launched in France

As François Laurent, Head of Consumer Insight and Co-Chair of ADETEM (*) explained: Insight is a bit of a saga, where a problem discovered early enough can find its “prince charming” (its solution) for the princess’s satisfaction!

Delphine Macquet, Head of Practice at CrossRoads Intelligence shared her professional experience in moving from Business Intelligence to Operational Insights.

The last word came from Alexandre Rispal, General Director of Moonshot Internet (Societe Generale Group), who explained “Customer Insight in the Heart of the Contextual Insurance Revolution”.

SoftwareSelling is the reseller of Intelligence2day® in France, you can contact them here for more information.

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Intelligence2day Launched in France