Nordic Intelligence Day 2018

The most important conference for those working professionally with competitive, market and business intelligence in the Nordics.

During the Nordic Intelligence Day 2018 on May 2nd, business professionals from all over the Nordics are gathered in downtown Stockholm for the forth year in a row to be inspired, learn and network. On this day, the people who keep track of their external environment, both today and in the future, will meet and discuss the theme of this year which is “Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Cooperation”.

This year’s theme is a reflection of our current time – a time when the flow of information is increasing faster than ever, and at a time when society and the ways we communicate with each other are also going through changes. How can companies detect both threats and opportunities early on, and how can they act upon it to get a competitive advantage? Through systematic intelligence work, the conditions needed to obtain the insight required for innovation are created.

The Nordic Intelligence Day 2018 conference features interesting case presentations from different organizations, methods examples, interactive round-table sessions, expert panel session, networking and general knowledge sharing among all participants. See the full agenda here:

The conference is moderated by Johanna Danielsson, Partner and COO at Kairos Future. The introductory speech is delivered by Paul Santilli from Hewlett Packard in the US who will be talking about “Competitive Intelligence and the Capitalization of Data – What are the Challenges Limiting your Competitive Potential?”.

Additional speakers:

  • Henrik Sköld, Competitive Intelligence Specialist at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), Consultant & Author
  • Maja Påhlman, Innovation Manager, Lantmännen Cerialia
  • René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy and Associate Dean for Corporate Relations, Aarhus University
  • Per Sjöfors, CEO at L.A based Atenga Inc
  • Johan Hammarlund, Collaborative Foresight Advisor, Kairos Future.
  • Jesper Martell, CEO, Comintelli

A goal for Comintelli and Kairos Future who are sponsoring the Nordic Intelligence Day 2018 is that as many people as possible of those who want to attend should have a reasonable chance to do so without financial constraints. Therefore, tickets are subsidized and only cost 2490 SEK for a full day.

For more information and registration, please visit: or contact the Nordic Intelligence Network at


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