Towards Augmented Intelligence

augmented intelligenceThe global economic and social systems have vastly changed in the last 10 years, and continue to digitally grow at an exponential rate. The potential for 7+ billion people in the world that could connect to billions of machines results in an unprecedented level of data the world has never seen.

The goal of any analytical effort is to leverage information and ask the right questions in order to improve business results. Now more than ever, decision makers require intelligent ways of gathering knowledge and making decisions, helping them to extract actionable intelligence from constantly evolving information.

This is where Machine Learning based intelligence systems (we call them ”Machine Intelligence Systems”) can support by empowering users to identify information, trends and patterns that warrant attention. This new technology is more than an interesting phenomena, it is indeed a requirement. But Machine Learning will not replace intelligence professionals that ask the right questions and put information in context. Rather than replacing humans, Machine Learning will augment human intelligence and enable people to gain expertise and reach insights much, much faster than before.

Augmented Intelligence is computational algorithms helping to put the human end user in the best position to make an informed decision. Algorithms can read and analyze huge volumes of data and determine the “who”, “what”, “when” and “where”.  A human then uses this intelligence to interpret and determine the “why” and decides on appropriate actions.

This was the last part in our new blog series, based on the article “Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence and Insights”, written by Jesper Martell, Comintelli, and Paul Santilli, Hewlett Packard EnterpriseFollow Jesper Martell on Twitter

Download a free copy of the article “Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence and Insight”!

Download a free copy of the article “Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence and Insight”