Comintelli’s CEO Jesper Martell to Speak About Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management at KMWorld Conference

Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli, has been invited to be part of the expert panel in the session entitled “Cognitive Computing & Artificial Intelligence Working Together in KM” at the annual KMWorld conference in Washington DC on November 9th.

According to industry analysts IDC and TMR, one of the key current trends significantly pushing up demand for cognitive systems, content analytics and information discovery software is the rising usage of Artificial Intelligence across rising areas of application. Significant advancements in data processing technologies and the rise in large, diverse, and highly complicated data sets, together with vast developments in the field of Machine Learning are leading to a rise in the window of opportunity for Artificial Intelligence.

Martell said he hopes that the KM World session will inspire and inform the audience about the use of Machine Learning in the Knowledge Management and Market Intelligence area, which he believes is “the future for all intelligence professionals.” Key takeaways include how Machine Learning can be applied to solve intelligence problems and how new Machine Learning technologies can augment our intelligence capabilities.

“This new technology is more than an interesting phenomena, it is a requirement. But Machine Learning will not replace intelligence professionals that ask the right questions and put information in context. Rather than replacing humans, Machine Learning will augment human intelligence and enable people to gain expertise and reach insights much, much faster than before,” says Jesper Martell.

For more information, please request a free copy of the article “Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence & Insight,” authored by Jesper Martell, Comintelli and Paul Santilli, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, by sending an e-mail to .


About Comintelli: 
Comintelli ( is a software company that provides a cloud-based service for information discovery and access called Intelligence2day® ( . It provides solutions for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management that helps customers manage their unstructured information more effectively. Founded in 1999 and with extensive industry experience, Comintelli continues to develop user-friendly solutions that save both time and money.

About KM World: 
KMWorld ( is the World’s Leading Knowledge Management Event. It will be held 6-9th November in Washington DC, USA. The theme of KMWorld 2017, the 21st annual event, is “People Power, Thinking & Tech” and focuses on the fact that people are at the core of knowledge sharing and the key to high functioning organizations.