Webinar Intelligence2day® for Pharma Industry

The competitive landscapes for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industries are changing rapidly.

intelligence software pharmaThe economics of drug development are driving consolidation. Regulatory authorities, countries’ health services and insurers are pushing providers to improve product safety, patient outcomes and to reduce costs. Companies must keep track of current business developments in order to capture new opportunities and avoid threats.

“Intelligence2day® for Pharma” has been specifically designed to automate the gathering, organizing, analyzing and distribution of intelligence in a way that suits the needs of these industries.

Webinar: “Intelligence2day for the Pharmaceutical Industry”

This webinar will describe how you can keep all relevant sources in one place, be alerted to important news and reduce your time to insights. It will feature a live demonstration of Intelligence2day® – Intelligence Software Pharma.

intelligence software pharmaThe webinar is hosted by Comintelli and presented by Proactive Worldwide.

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“Following a thorough analysis of our needs and all CI systems available, we chose Comintelli for the versatility of Intelligence2day® and its capacity to grow with our organization, the flexibility of the IT group to adapt it to our high security standards and the quality of their customer service”

Director of Market, Research & Strategic Intelligence, at a large Pharmaceutical Company

Intelligence2day® has helped the pharmaceutical company to streamline the time-consuming process of finding, gathering and sharing business information, resulting in:

  • More generated business as it has enhanced strategic business decisions
  • Improved product development as resources can focus on their core area