Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition

Are you attending the Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition on September 12-13, 2017 in Parsippany, NJ? Come by our partner Proactive Worldwide‘s booth to have a chat and have have a look at our Intelligence2day® Pharma Demo!

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Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition

Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition is the best and largest assembly of pharmaceutical competitive intelligence executives in the world! Join us and Proactive Worldwide at Pharma CI for powerful sessions in various formats from expert speakers and industry leaders engaging and sharing the latest insights.

Competitive Intelligence consulting group Proactive Worldwide, Inc. just confirmed the roll-out of its highly-anticipated MedForecast™ analytics tool for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Generating exceptionally accurate drug approval and launch predictions will allow Pharma clients to take more proactive stances in future investment decisions, determining how to best compete in the highly competitive world of drug research and innovation.


Demo of Intelligence2day® Pharma CI Portal

In case you’re not attending the conference, but still want to see a demo of our Pharmaceutical Insight Engine Intelligence2day®, register to our webinar “Intelligence2day for the Pharmaceutical Industry”

This on demand webinar will describe how you can keep all relevant sources in one place, be alerted to important news and reduce your time to insights. It will feature a live demonstration of Intelligence2day® – Intelligence Software Pharma.

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The webinar is hosted by Comintelli and presented by Proactive Worldwide.