Intelligence2day® Recognized as Sophisticated Tool for Knowledge Workers in Independent Product Review

Jinfo Product Review Intelligence2day
Stockholm, 8th May, 2017

Comintelli, the leader in intelligence software, today announced that its Intelligence2day® platform has been recognized as a sophisticated tool for competitive intelligence and knowledge management in an independent product review written by market research firm Jinfo.

Among the report’s key takeaways is “Intelligence2day® provides a single point of access to a range of information tailored for each specific organisation. This means knowledge workers need not keep moving from one application to another and allows more time for analysis. Intelligence2day® has a user-responsive web design and can be used on a range of devices. The tool aggregates content from a wide range of sources allowing you time to analyse the content.”

The Jinfo review furthermore states that “years of development have been invested in Intelligence2day® resulting in a sophisticated tool that provides powerful workflow tools in a user-friendly environment.” Comintell´s training and support material was also highly rated and allows customers to easily get started and use the system to its full capabilities.

“We are extremely pleased to be recognized as a leader by Jinfo, as the demand for information access platforms continues to increase and organizations struggle to meet today’s information overload challenges,” said Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli.  “As the Jinfo report describes, competitive intelligence professionals need to both collect information relevant to their markets, customers and competitors and also analyze it to identify market opportunities and Intelligence2day® provides just the tools to do this.”


The full Jinfo Product Review Intelligence2day report is available for download by filling in the form below:

About Jinfo

Jinfo, formerly FreePint, is an international research company that supports organizational investments in information. Jinfo covers information Sources, Technology and Value through unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting, available on a subscription basis. Jinfo Research examines the big challenges in business, and how information expertise influences how those challenges should be addressed.

About Comintelli

Comintelli is a software company that provides a cloud-based service for information access called Intelligence2day®. It provides solutions for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management that helps customers manage their unstructured information more effectively. Founded in 1999 and with extensive industry experience, Comintelli continues to develop user-friendly solutions that save both time and money.

About Intelligence2day®

Intelligence2day® provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources. It is a search-based application that automates:

  • Aggregating content from multiple sources
  • Classifying both documents and people using topic maps
  • Searching full text documents
  • Analyzing trends and patterns
  • Delivering content in a relevant format to authorized users