Comintelli launches next generation of Intelligence2day®

Comintelli launches next generation of Intelligence2day® featuring smart technology that filters out the information noise.

Comintelli ( today announced the immediate release of the newest version of its award winning Intelligence2day® software platform. Intelligence2day® ( is an information access platform that provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources, often used for competitive intelligence or information discovery solutions.

new version intelligence2dayThe new version of Intelligence2day® contains several smart filters that reduces information overload. Relevant content is automatically retrieved and organized, while irrelevant or duplicate content is blocked. System administrators can set up advanced dashboard filters that only visualize relevant information. Users can easily set up personal alerts that only notify users if very specific criteria are met for their areas of interest.

“Alerts via email is a very popular application to be notified of important news, but if the content isn’t exactly what you want, when you want it, it can easily just become noise” said Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli. “The key to alert management is timing and relevance, so this is where we have made huge improvements in Intelligence2day®.”

Intelligence2day® is being used by knowledge-intensive companies such as AkzoNobel, Tetra Pak and Telia, who have actively influenced the new functions and can testify the value they get from the filtering process. “You get everything you need, you get it once, and you get it in a cost-effective way” says Robert Jan Alting von Geusau, Business Analyst and Project Manager at AkzoNobel.

As of this version, Comintelli has also moved to a “rapid release model” with shorter development cycles and smaller, incremental releases of upgrades. This will enable customers to get new enhancements much quicker.

For more information and a demo of the new version, please e-mail or call +46-8-663 76 00 or 1-800-485-6402 (US/Canada).


About Comintelli

Comintelli ( is a software company that provides a cloud-based service for information access called Intelligence2day®. It provides solutions for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management that helps customers manage their unstructured information more effectively. Founded in 1999 and with extensive industry experience, Comintelli continues to develop user-friendly solutions that save both time and money.

About Intelligence2day®

Intelligence2day® ( is a unified information access platform that provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources. It is a search-based application that automates:

  • Aggregating content from multiple sources
  • Classifying both documents and people using topic maps (taxonomies)
  • Searching full text documents
  • Analyzing trends and patterns
  • Delivering content in a relevant format to authorized users


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